The ITWBN 1st Birthday at The g Hotel!

ITWBN event at the g hotel

Hey Everyone!

I’m Finally getting around to doing this blog post on the amazing bloggers event I went to last Sunday (10/05/2015) with Into The West Blogger Network (ITWBN) at The g Hotel in Galway. This was my first time going to a itwbn event and I had so much fun, I really was like a child at Christmas. Happy Birthday ITWBN!

My name tag at the g hotel

The day started with me going to get my hair done at 9.30am then onto collecting my sister Tara of Tara Ryan Personal Blog at 10.30am and going straight over to collect Erin of Chasing Rubies Chasing Pearls at 11am. We were on the road then for Galway and arrived at The g hotel car park at 12.30pm. While driving I was asking Erin how these events work as she was at the last one and she tells me that your put at a table of 8 with other bloggers that I don’t know so you get to know more people. I was so so nervous about this, I just wanted to turn the car around and go home as I thought I would get to sit with my sister at a table together so I would at least know someone.

Once we got there we were greeted by a few other bloggers in the lobby and even though I was nervous I didn’t feel out-of-place. The decor in the hotel was out of this world I couldn’t but help take pictures.

Decor at the G hotel

We then queued up to enter the ball room and find our table and meet the people we were sitting with. I was at the table ‘Croagh Patrick’ with 5 other ladies. Olivia of The skinny doll, Pam of Pamslivelovefashion, Sue and Ellen of Su-Ellen-Blog, and beside me was the lovely Anna of Thyme to Eat. Anna was such a sweetie and put me right at ease once we got chatting.

Friend selfies at the ITWBN event

We had 4 guest speakers, First up was Sinead Burke of Minnie Melange who spoke about how and why she started her blog also how she fits everything in with her full-time teaching job and keeping real to herself. Then we had Deirdre from Castle Print who told us the importance of our brand and getting it just right to us. Next up was Wayne Denner of Youth and Digital Communicator who spoke about online reputation and how importance it is and how easy it can be ruined. Finally we had Karen of Karora who told us her journey on how she started such a successful company at just 19 years of age. I have to say she really inspired me.

The 4 guess speakers at the ITWBN

In between the speakers we had our lunch break and got amazing food from the g hotel restaurant sent out to all the tables.

Food at the g hotel

Anna and myself went to check out the pop up shops and got talking to the girls on most of the stalls. There was No7 from boots, The body shop, Cotton face, Amber, Insight Haircare and Debenhams where we got a little mini bag of goodies. Also Mez’s Masquerade had a photo booth with all their fun props where we got to take some cool pictures.

Pop up shops at the ITWBN eventAnna-Jane Kingston and Stephney Butler

Once back at the table waiting for the speakers to start again I really got to have a good look at what was in our goodie bags and my gosh I was so surprised with how much we got there as a fine big bag of stuff from No7, Boots, The body shop, So Fragrance, Tigerstore,Wet n Wild, Karora, Pixy, Isadora, Blank Canvas, Clarins, Versace, Memeoirs, Insight, The handmade soap company, Revive active, Osha, Holostic products and Anpucan.

Goodie Bag from the ITWBN event

Then just before it all ended and we got ready to head home, I got to meet the lovely Siobhan McDonnell of LetzMakeup and I have to say I was a little star struck I have watched her YouTube channel for so long and I’m a big fan.

Siobhan McDonnell and Stephney Butler

So all in all what started out as a nerve racking day, ended with me having a brilliant fun day out and totally inspired and motivated again. I most definitely will be going to all the event from now on, I’m really happy I have become part of the ITWBN family. If you are an Irish blogger I would highly recommend you join itwbn they are an amazing group and so supportive. So finally I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Sinead and Saibh for organising these events they both do an amazing job!

Sinead Carroll and Saibh Egan

Thank you for reading and hope you will be back again to read my future blog posts.

Steph xXx

S2u Beauty&Blog



5 thoughts on “The ITWBN 1st Birthday at The g Hotel!

  1. I have been seeing so many pictures from this event and from reading your post it sounds like it was an even better day than the pictures looked!

    How did you get involved with itwbn? I have just started blogging and would like to meet more bloggers!

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