Change a Life Program with Destination Motivation

Change a Life Program

Hey Beauties, hope you are all well. Today’s blog is about my journey to loose weight and a full week to week diary of how I did on the change a life program I did. If this is of any interest to you then keep on reading. x

I have been debating whether I should blog about my journey on the Change a Life Program (CAL) I’m doing with Destination Motivation and I just decided why not I should’t be embarrassed or ashamed of who I am. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a big girl and I’ve struggled all my life with my weight. Destination Motivation who I followed on Facebook for their excellent 6 week boot camps that they do every 6 weeks and I always looked at them saying I really should join them but always bottled out. When they put up a competition on their Facebook page saying they were going to train 10 people for free for 12 weeks on their second Change a Life Program I took that as my opportunity and decided to apply. The second I pressed send I automatically wanted to take it back though, I was scared as to what was to come with it and was I ready to change my life for real this time but I just told myself if I got through then its meant to be. I got down to the final 13 who had to train for a week to prove we wanted this and prove we had what it took to change our life’s. So on the 23rd of Feb 2015 I started this Journey but Barry the owner was going to pick 8 out of the 13 to keep on which meant I really had to work my ass off.  After the first week was over we all did so well they decided to keep us all but made it clear that at any time if they felt we weren’t giving our all they would have no problem getting rid of us. Now that I was picked and in the Change of Life Program I was giving a contract to sign saying I wouldn’t drink and would follow everything they told us to do and got my “before picture” taken. I was to train for an hour Monday to Friday from 11 to 12 but on Wednesday we get weighed in, had a talk on different topics each week and were given a new weekly challenge.

Before CAL

Our First Day!

Week 1- (the trial week) 23th Feb  This is the week I have to prove I want this. I found training really hard and even at a few times questioned was I able for this but I just took one day at a time. I was put on the Paleo diet which I found hard there was no carbs and I love my carbs. I lost 3.96lbs, challenge this week is we had to take a picture of everything we eat and post on our Facebook group page at the end of the day.

Week 2- (the first week) 2th Mar  Every single part of my body hurts this week, training is not getting any easier. I started on the 1000 calories diet this week which I find good its nice to have the bit or carbs again. I lost 2.86lbs, challenge this week is we had to aim to loose at least 4lbs by next weigh in. We also lost a member of the group this week due to illness.

Daily Foods

Daily Food


Week 3- 9th Mar  Training is getting harder and harder as the weeks are going by and I’m so tired all the time. I’m finding all the prep work for the food is starting to take up a lot of my time. I only lost 2.2lbs which I wasn’t happy about I really wants to met the challenge of 4lbs. Challenge this week is if we maintain weight or put weight on we will be out of training for one week.

Week 4- 16th Mar  We started to do more running this week which I was finding really hard because my ankle was a little sore and got worse as the week went on, I had to ask the lads could I just do more weights for the week. We got a personalised food plans this week and I lost 1.76lbs, challenge this week is only to drink water, no bread and also back to putting pictures up of everything we eat on our Facebook group page at the end of the day. We also loss another member this week.

Week 5- 23th Mar  I was really tired all the time no matter how much sleep I was getting at night (which wasn’t much maybe 5 hours) I was still tired. I was still in a lot of pain with my ankle but I was just trying to ignore it (I know not a good idea in the end) and push on as normal but because of the pain I was finding it harder to handle and by the end of the week I just wanted to give up and leave. All that was going around in my head was I wasn’t cut of for this hard core training and my body wasn’t able for it, but I’m so stubborn thank god. I lost 1.76lbs, challenge this week is we had to loose at least 3lbs or we were out of training for one week. We also lost another member this week.

Week 6- 30th Mar  I went training on the Monday and had a appointment with the doctor for afterwards because my ankle was killing me at this stage and wasn’t getting any better and of course the doctor sent me for an x-ray which showed I had chipped the ankle bone and had to be put in a cast I was so angry and annoyed I didn’t want to give up training because of this and was worried the lads in destination motivation wouldn’t let me train going forward but all was good they had no problem as long as I got a boot for my ankle and was ok to train. I was in the cast for the whole week and couldn’t move so I wasn’t training but on Friday I got the boot and was due back Monday and couldn’t wait.

Broken Ankle in Cast Broken Ankle In Boot

Week 7- 6th Apr  I was delighted to be back training even though I could only do weights and light cardio I didn’t care I was happy to be back. This is the start of the half way point and we got our measurements taken and new body pictures. I’m starting to like cooking my own homemade foods from scratch like soups and curry now which I never really did before I always just got the packets or take away. I lost 4.12lbs, challenge this week is to run the block in under 5mins (the block is a little over half a mile).

Homemade Veg SoupHomemade Curry


Week 8- 13th Apr  I was getting a little annoyed at this stage with my ankle and the boot I felt I couldn’t do all the cardio that the others were doing it was so frustrating. We did go to the local park on the Friday though to train and the weather was loving, it was just so nice to do something different. I lost 1.32lbs, challenge this week is we had to do vlogs each night on how we felt that day. None of us were very happy about this challenge and didn’t want to do it. For me it was because I wouldn’t exactly have alot of confidence in how I look at the moment and the thoughts of having to do a video for everyone to see was my worse nightmare but I had to suck it up and do it. Also outside of CAL I went to my first ever cookery class with Gasta and learnt so much I love it and will defiantly be going back to do more.


Week 9- 20th Apr  Training was hard and emotional this week thank god there was no more vlogs but we had to read out our emails that we sent in to apply for the change a life program on the Wednesday after weigh in but on the Thursday I got my boot off (woohoo). We got to go training in st. Francis Boxing club which was so so hard but good at the same time and on the Friday we went to the high altitude room in Delta to have a spinning and cardio class I was really nervous I wouldn’t be able to breath in this class but it was actually brilliant and I loved it. I lost 1.76lbs, and there was no challenge this week. Also this week outside of CAL I did my first ever 3km UV run(which I walked but did 4km) I went with my sister and 2 friends I loved it and was delighted with myself I have never walked that kind of distance before in my life.

High Altatude Room

Boxing in St. Francis

UV Run 2015

Week 10- 27th Apr   I found this week to be the hardest week yet, my ankle was so sore still and really weak so couldn’t do a whole lot and only lost .22lbs, I wasn’t happy at all and the lads weren’t either they took me aside for a chat to see what was wrong and why I didn’t loose much. I didn’t know what to say to them I was doing everything the same and nothing had changed apart from that I was so tired and exhausted. After a long chat Martin came to the conclusion that I wasn’t eating enough and I was working out to much, that some people are just different to others and its not good for them to work out 5 to 6 times a week. So I was to up my calories to 1250 and only train 2 days the following week to see if I get better results. Challenge this week is to send a picture of every single thing I eat to Martin.

Week 11- 4th May  This week we had to train with the other groups that are doing the 6 week boot camps to see how we get on out on our own also only training 2 days this week was hard because in my head I have always thought to loose weight you have to train more and eat less but I’m been told to do different which I’m still getting my head around, but it definitely worked because I lost the most I have ever lost 5.28lbs I was delighted. Also this week we all came together and bonded as a group which was really nice as one of our members left, we decided we weren’t having that and arrived at her house to tell her get her ass ready she was coming back with us. A bit of Girl Power!!! Challenge this week is to loose 2lbs or no training for our last week.

Week 12- 11th May  After last weeks results I was to stick with only 2 days training again but it didn’t work as much I only lost .1lbs I was so upset, confused and worried because the challenge was to loose 2lbs or no training for my last week but after a long talk the lads decided I was ok to train and to come in for 3 days training not 2. No challenge this week.

Week 13- (the last week) 18th May  This week was so busy and training was so hard the lads pushed us to our limits totally but we got through it. We got weighed in, measurements done and “the after” picture taken on the Friday as we were having a big reveal that night where family and friends came so we only found out that night what we lost that week then onto a serious night out. I lost 3.3lbs.

Last training day

Our last workout!

Ready for out CAL night out

All ready for our night out.

So all in all I lost 26.8lbs (1.2lbs short of 2 stone) and 22.5 Inches off my overall body. My goal was 2 stone but I am happy with how I did considering I broke my ankle. I wont be stopping here though I have a long way to go yet. I will be joining the 6 week boot camps in Destination Motivation and probably be going to them for the rest of my life if I’m honest. I know alot of the week to week views sounded like I hated it and I was been negative but that was just my honest feelings at the time. Looking back on everything now though I loved every minute of it and would do it all again in the morning.

I would just like to thank Barry the owner of Destination Motivation and the 2 lads Martin and Johnny. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity and believing in me to do the change a life program. To say its changed my life is an understatement. I’m a totally different girl to the one that walked in them doors on the 23rd of Feb maybe not so much physical just yet but definitely mentally.

Thank you for reading and hope you will be back again to read my future blog posts.

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Steph xXx




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    • Aww thank you that’s really sweet. Yeah it was very hard but haven’t the class to go to everyday and the ppl in it helped alot. It took me about 3 weeks to get over the fact I wanted out everyday lol

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