Glitter Express Polish-Blue Indigo

Glitter Express Polish- Blue Indigo

Glitter Express Nail Poish- Blue Indigo

This is quite a unique and interesting shade, the main colour is blue with a tint of pink which is all based in a clear polish. In the sun it is so sparkly, when I first saw this polish I was like a magpie, my eyes lit up like a child. I love anything with a bit of bling.

Glitter Express Nail Poish- Blue Indigo

I put on 2 coats of polish on over a base colour then a layer of top coat over that.

Here it is over a pink base Nail done with Glitter Express- Blue Indigo

and here is it over a aqua base Nail done with Glitter Express- Blue Indigo

It did take a while to dry but that is normal with the glitter polish because you put on a few layers it takes a bit longer to dry, also the brush was so easy to work with. I was really impressed with how long it lasted, I had it on nearly 2 weeks and it was still prefect. Taken it off was a bit of a pain though but again that is normal with glitter polish. One tip I could give to you to remove it, is to soak a pad in polish remover and press down on your nail for 60 seconds and you will see it just slide away.

Glitter Express Nail Poish- Blue Indigo

You can order these polishes from you will get 11ml of product for Β£3.50 which works out to be €4.85.

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I write reviews for Your Nail Magazine, this review was originally wrote for Sept 2015 Edition. I was gifted this polish but this review is my honest opinion on this product.



43 thoughts on “Glitter Express Polish-Blue Indigo

  1. We love glitter nail polish but it does tend to get everywhere! I need to develop my nail polish skills big time. Angela x

  2. I’m a nail fan as those who follow my blog already know so love posts like these. Haven’t tried a glitter polish for a while but as the festive season draws closer, it’s definitely something I will be doing. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. Oh my, I never thought I’d see two of my favourite colours in a nail varnish (pink and blue!), and it’s glittery too! I do the magpie thing all the time, mainly with chocolate and cake though aha! x

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