Catherine- UV Nail Polish

Catherine- UV Nail Polish

Catherina UV Nail Polish-Babyblue

So here I have a beautiful baby blue coloured Gel polish which I’m in love with, it is that prefect Cinderella blue, so pretty!

Nails done with Catherina UV Nail Polish-Babyblue

I have applied it to the natural nails as a 14 day gel manicure (shellac). After cleansing the nail of all the natural oils, I applied a base coat, 2 layers of this baby blue gel polish and then I finished with a layer of top coat. I was really impressed with how the gel applied, it was really smooth and creamy, the pigment was amazing after one layer I could have stopped it was that pigmented. Also there was absolutely no streaks.

The customer came back to me after 19 days and the nails were still prefect, apart from the normal regrowth and a chip on the index finger and thumb.


This gel polish can be use with a UV lamp as well as a LED lamp. You will get 4.5ml of product and you can buy it from here.

Thank you for reading and hope you will be back again to read my future blog posts.

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I write reviews for Your Nail Magazine, this review was originally wrote for Sept 2015 Edition. I was gifted this polish but this review is my honest opinion on this product.


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