New Year, New 2017 Busy B Diary.

Hey beauties, hope you are all well.

So I’ve had this post in my drafts for the last few months not realising it wasn’t open to the Public. I know its the end of April now, but I said I would still post it to let you see how beautiful this 2017 Busy B Diary is.  I suppose you can buy diaries all year around not just the start of the year like me, so here you go….

This is the first page you will see, I love the how cute and simple it is.


Next is the Personal Detail pages, Please ignore the black marks on mine as I started filling it out before I took the page.


Then its the month to month over view for 2017 and 2018.


This is your day to day pages for all your notes or appointments for that day, again I think these are super cute and love that there is lots of space.


Then at the back of the diary there is this Yearly Planner for 2018, there is actually a 2017 one at the start of the dairy too which is very handy.


Then there is 2 pages for useful websites but lets be honest we could use this for all useful information.


Next there is 2 pages for Noteable Dates which I find handy for putting things like when Car Insurance and Tax is due. Its great to have all the dates on the one page so you know what is due and when.


Next 2 pages are for Birthdays which should help not to forget all them Important Birthdays to friends and family.


The back page is this cute design again and what is very useful is this pen holder on the side .


I bought my Busy B Dairy from Meaghers Pharmacy which had a discount code to use at the time so I got it for only €7.93 incl postage.

Over all, I’m sure you can tell I’m delighted with my purchase. I love the colours, how super cute it is and the space each page gives, also that it has a softback cover which I find much easier to carry around in my bag. Its not to big and not to small. I will for sure be buying one of these Busy B Diaries again for next year.

Thank you for reading and hope you will be back again to read my future blog posts.

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Steph xXx





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